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Department of Cardiac Anaesthesia

Doctors in the critical care area can no more offer help to their patients single-handed. The patient who is affected by life threatening conditions like acute respiratory failure, cardiac failure or deep coma etc. needs the undivided attention of somebody who should take over his respiration, control his intake of fluid and watching him minute by minute, day by day, and even weeks. Team of doctors can do this. 

Among this specialized technique we can enumerate continuous artificial ventilation, supporting the circulation, management of shock and renal dialysis. The utilization of this unit in the management of criticailly ill patient improved the outcome by reduction in expected mortality . The Unit has following major characteristics: (1) space, equipment and working staff and (2) continuous service and care all around the clock 24 hours  including all the following: instantaneous monitoring of cardiovascular parameter, respiratory function, renal function and the nervous system status.


Doctor With This Department
DoctorName: Dr. Lalit Goyal
Education:MBBS, DA
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